Business Coaching


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Talking while walking ? 

All the sessions can either take place thru video conference or meeting in nature for a walk. Especially for sessions during a walk, I took a course with “Buiten Psychologen”. (Dutch only)

EMDR sessions can also be done online with an encrypted application.

Feel very welcome especially in these taxing times.


Business Coaching

Personal Leadership

How do you deal with the loneliness that is an inevitable part of every managerial position ? Or if you, as an employee, make that step to a management role and have to face your (old) insecurities, what can you do ?

Many obstacles in work arise as a result from the fact many people are insufficiently experienced to have healthy relations with themselves and others. Therefore lots of talent, potential and productivity is lost. In the coaching sessions we will pay a lot of attention to relationships and communication with both self and others. Which patterns arise, what is the response of the environment and how can this be changed to increase effective behaviour. I coach individuals as well as teams. This creates a beautiful win-win situation. Employees experience less struggle and more joy in their work. The organisation sees involved and productive people who make great progress in their personal leadership.



Next to my expertise as a coach and psychologist, I bring years of experience in Corporate life (IT sector) to the table. I understand the interplay between person and organisation, as a partner for employees but equally as a sparring partner for HR departments and medical officers.  Business Coaching can ease complicated processes. I do not tell you what you would like to hear but what I see and I activate your thoughts on change and improvement. Together we work on tangible and measurable results.

Would you like more information or contact me directly for an intake appointment?  Please contact me or call me on 06 41731672




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