Couple Therapy

Regular maintenance of our car is common sense to most of us. However, looking after our love relationships is sadly enough, highly irregular. An appointment with a marriage counsellor or a couple therapist is for many of us a big step to take. Often it is one with consequences. Things are not as smooth as they used to be between the two of you, there never seems to be enough time, individual changes are sensitive to the other and seem to increase the distance between you. The connection seems lost, there is less focus on each other, and sex is getting less. Little by little you lose each other, and it is hard to find the path back to each other and again enjoy spending time together. Basically, relationship problems.

Often couple therapy offers a way out. Depending on the situation I will have several conversations with you 2, to find out what you need to make the relationship meaningful and worth working for, for the both of you. As an experienced couple therapist, I examine both your views in order to find satisfying meaning in your relationship. If you or the three of us come to the conclusion it is no longer possible to continue the relationship, we can use these conversations to break up in the best way and find a form for the future. To find and restore the connection is my starting point. Learning to hear, see and understand each other once more. Obviously hetero, gay and lesbian couples are all very welcome to talk about their relationship with me.


In these relationship conversations I use and work with a.o. Emotionally Focused Therapy. EFT. Therapy that enables you to understand and see the patterns in your relationship more clearly. It brings your desires and fears to the surface and teaches you to ask for the support and understanding you need from each other.
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