Psychological assistance

In a process to be designed together with you, we work together to reach the goals that you have in mind. This can be both work and private situations. I will guide you by asking questions, stimulating and helping you to reflect and look at patterns that until now seemed self-evident, but may need revision. I create a safe and trusted environment, so that you can look at patterns in all openness and become increasingly aware of what is important and desirable to you. To ensure that we keep the goal in mind, we will define concrete objectives. The interpretation is tailored to your needs, appropriate to who you are. As a psychologist, coach and healer I use practical psychological methods (including CGT), coaching techniques (including MMS Coaching) and more spiritual approaches, such as Non-dual Kabbalistic Healing, both in therapy and in coaching. Of course, you can also contact me for very specific problems such as depression and burnout.

In this way I can be your partner in a cooperation. Where appropriate or useful, we may engage other professionals. To this end, I work with mediators, general practitioners, massage therapists, psychotherapists and other networks.


You can now also go for EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). This is the collective name for a procedure that helps to reprocess memories of shocking or hurtful (traumatic) experiences. It is a method to free yourself from unnecessary fears and limitations in a safe and relatively calm way. Would you like to read more about EMDR? Click here. (Dutch only)

MMS Coaching

This coaching method works from the inside out. By looking for and at your inner compass and the values ​​that are important to you, you shape your own life. I will guide you in finding the answers that are already present in you. This is a powerful method, based on and respecting the authenticity of every human being. Would you like to read more about MMS coaching? Click here.

Non-dual Kabbalistic Healing

This way of healing works directly with the consciousness and is a combination of insights from Jewish Kabbalah, Buddhism and Western psychology. It helps to become more aware of the relationship between feelings and behaviour now and feelings from other moments, which are triggered in the here and now. In addition to an increasingly cleaner relationship between feeling and understanding, deeper layers of wisdom and connections are also tapped. This creates a “healthier” relationship with yourself, others and the world. There will be more and more safe space for harmony and balance. Would you like to read more about Non-dual Kabbalistic Healing? Click here.

Would you like to contact me for more information or an appointment for an intake interview or direct Individual therapy & coaching? Please contact me or call me directly

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